PROJECT ︎︎︎ Luminance

TYPE ︎︎︎ Experimental Book

DURATION ︎︎︎ Oct 2021

TOOLS ︎︎︎ Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign
Luminance is a visual essay on the subject of a temporary blindness.
Project Overview ︎︎︎

Printed on transparencies and collected loose-leaf in a folder, each page can be viewed by holding it up to the light. It is formatted in bitmap as a nod to visual field tests, which are used to discern blind spots. Its type is set to be somewhat unyieldy, which forces the reader to proceed slowly, in effect mimicking the experience of trying to read with certain types of visual impairments. Produced as an experimental “book”, it examines the familiar and quotidian in an uncanny new context.

An approach as peculiar as the experience it represents.

Luminance was composed stream-of-conscious, with a focus on conveying the mood and impressionistic subjectivity of an unfamiliar experience manifesting solely in the interior world of the mind.

Thoughts wander, connecting in peculiar ways, while images - my own primary mode of knowing - flash by, unexplained but intuited whether real or not. The primary visual metaphor is that of the moon, whose phases pass by imperceptibly, always hanging overhead, but difficult to fully comprehend in its viscissitudes .

The tight turnaround for this project’s deadline made for an excellent experience in typpographic instinct and experimentation with manifesting psychological changes with subtle differences in layout and typography.

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