PROJECT ︎︎︎ Matsuri Umeshu

TYPE ︎︎︎ Packaging, Branding

DURATION ︎︎︎ Feb-Mar 2022

TOOLS︎︎︎ Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Procreate
Matsuri is an Umeshu plum liqueur tasting kit designed to introduce a taste of Japanese summertime to a new market.
Project Overview ︎︎︎

Each year, the arrival of early summer in Japan brings with it a sweet seasonal pastime: the brewing of umeshu, a golden liqueur made from unripe Japanese plums, rock sugar, and shochu. With its rich colour and aroma, along with an approachable 10- 15% alcohol content level, it’s a domestic favourite that remains largely unknown outside of Japan. Matsuri serves as an excellent introduction to this iconic summer drink. Featuring small-batch Ontario Ume plum liqueur, the set includes a cocktail kit and recipe cards to be enjoyed throughout the season. 

Perfectly packaged as a gift, or a regular treat for hot summer nights.

The kit’s visual styling is an updated reference to the decorative visual language of advertisements and travel tickets from Japan in the 1920s and 1930s, evoking nostalgia for the simplicity of seasonal traditions.

Packaging was developed to be as approachable and convenient as possible. The carrier is designed to be both ergonomic and visually appealing, allowing it to be carried easily to special events, and gifted as-is without the need for wrapping or boxes. Information is displayed in English, French and Japanese, further helping in introducing umeshu to a wider audience.

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