PROJECT ︎︎︎ Memento

TYPE ︎︎︎ Editorial, Art Direction, Photography

DURATION ︎︎︎ Mar - April 2020

TOOLS ︎︎︎ Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Nikon D850
Memento is an inquisitive cultural magazine that reëxamines the concept of death from unexpected angles in the hopes of helping readers tackle their own experiences with death.
Project Overview ︎︎︎

Informed by Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain, Memento is an editorial collection framed around an honest and unflinching examination of mortality. Alternating between cultural, anecdotal, symbolic, and literary approaches, its content utilizes humor, empathy, and imaginative imagery to help readers reframe their thoughts around death and dying as a natural process of life that we all must experience.

An unflinching gaze reckoning with the casually taboo

A personal experience with mortality informed the development of this volume, in which death is discussed honestly, openly, and with curiosity. Photography and illustration range from whimsical to mysterious, exploring the different angles by and lenses through which we can consider death and dying. The bright palette of salmon red and royal purple combined with expressive display typefaces encourage the recontextualization of death as a constituent part of life, less to be feared, and more to be reckoned with.

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