PROJECT ︎︎︎ Piscine

TYPE ︎︎︎ Custom Font

DURATION ︎︎︎ Sep - Dec 2020

TOOLS ︎︎︎ Procreate, Glyphs, Adobe Illustrator  
An iconic time deserves an iconic font. Piscine is a reverse-weight display font that finds its inspiration in two Jacques - Jacques Demy, and Simon Porte Jacquemus.
Project Overview ︎︎︎

Developed with bold colours and a large point size in mind, its high-contrast form balances straight lines with rounded curves and weight with strategic airiness in unexpected ways. It is best used for display and advertising purposes.

︎ Piscine is currently in development, with further glyphs and weights to come!

Designed with
Chanson des Jumelles on endless loop

Piscine provided a first foray into custom type using Glyphs. Letterforms were developed over a month-long period, after which sizing, weight, and interaction between individual characters was further refined. Some surprising variations to stroke thickness were discovered in order to better legibility and balance.

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